We produce the highest quality tree at a fair price. Saving a few bucks per tree can seem like a good deal at the time, until you lose a few trees on a job site. What does it cost to replace one tree?

I've seen what other growers ship and confidently say we ship the best. Our regular customers have relied on our quality and continue to order year after year.

We sell 2 grades of evergreens, specimen grade and regular grade.
Our "specimen grade" is just what the name suggests. These trees are perfect. Suitable for even the most particular customer. Great for the high end residential customer, garden centers and design build firms.

Our "regular grade" is a notch below specimen grade. Great for larger projects and rewholesalers. Most customers who recieve these comment they are better than the normal evergreens most growers ship. DEFINITELY NOT PARK GRADE.

  1. 50-60% of the evergreens we sell are root pruned at 2-3'. This gives them a more fibrous root system to insure transplant success. We are working towards the goals of 80-90% of all our evergreens being root pruned
  2. Our evergreens are pruned and shaped every year. Trees are branched to the ground a full 360 degrees. All trees have a single leader with no bad sides.
  3. All trees are hand selected by the grower to insure a top quality tree. Trees are measured by AAN standards and grading is always generous
  4. Trees are shipped within one-two days of digging. We do not leave trees in the field to dry out.
  5. For summer, and fall digging we irrigate each tree before digging. We use overhead irrigation or a trickle system, depending on the situation.
  6. Trees 10' or larger are double burplapped to avoid cuts and tears in the root ball.
  7. We dig a more than adequate size root ball, larger than AAN standards; this helps with survivability.
  8. We double lace the tops of our root ball to insure a firm and tight package.

Austrian Pine

Canadian Hemlock

Colorado Spruce

Baby Blue Colorado Spruce
Concolor Fir

Norway Spruce

Serbian Spruce

White Pine

White Spruce
Black Hills


Prices are for Specimen material. Please contact us for Regular grade prices.